Dog Grooming & Nail Trimming Tools

A well groomed pet is a happy, healthy pet. But, there are many reasons that frequent visits to your pet stylist aren't always possible. With the line of FURminator® professional quality grooming tools, you can get near professional results at home.

Any pet parent or grooming professional knows good grooming requires the right tools. With so many breeds, coat types and skin issues, knowing which product to use is confusing. The FURminator brand has solved that problem by developing a simple two-step grooming process.

2-Step Grooming Process.

The first step in the FURminator 2-Step Grooming Process, pre- and post-bath, is brushing to detangle and smooth out the fur without pulling or irritating skin.

The second step is combing a pet's coat to gently smooth and extract remaining debris after brushing. Combing your pet's coat also removes surface mats and tangles with minimal tugging, keeping fur clean and healthy.

Nails for Dogs


Nail care is one of the most important and somewhat misunderstood areas of pet care for most pet owners. Because nails require clipping and grinding, many pet parents are afraid of injuring their pets, but ignoring nail care is just as harmful. FURminator's unique, proprietary nail care solutions are safe and easy to use, thus reducing the discomfort from the process, not only for pets but also for their owners when used as directed.