Dog, Cat & Small Animal Grooming Tips

You know your pet. We know pet hair. Because different dogs and cats require different grooming tools and techniques, it's important to establish a regular grooming routine specific to your pet's needs. Here are a few great tips for maintaining a professionally groomed look:

  • FURminator's Long Hair and Short Hair deShedding edges make choosing the right tool for your pet easier than ever. Plus, FURminator® now has a deShedding tool for every pet size, so you can get the very best results every time.
  • To enhance the effectiveness of the deShedding tools, first bathe your dog or cat with a FURminator Ultra Premium Shampoo, followed by the FURminator Ultra Premium Conditioner. Make sure that your pet's coat is completely dry before using a deShedding tool.
  • While weekly deShedding is fine for short hair pets, medium to long hair pets may need to be deShedded a few minutes each day to prevent mats, tangles and dirt.
  • If your pet does have mats and tangles, it's best to brush your pet to remove them before using the deShedding tool. Using the tool on matted or tangled fur can bend or break the teeth.
  • Keep your deShedding sessions fun and positive. Remember, you can always take a break and continue the session later if necessary.
  • When you groom, brush or deShed your pet, check for any changes in your pet's skin and coat. Talk to your professional groomer or see your veterinarian if you notice anything unusual.
  • While shaving may seem like a good fix for your dog's shedding, it can change the texture of the coat, interrupt the natural shedding cycle and impair your dog's ability to regulate body temperature. FURminator deShedding Tools provide a healthier solution to shedding management.
  • The condition of your pet's coat is directly affected by his diet. Feeding your pet advanced nutritional food has many benefits for improved overall health, like a shinier coat, strong muscles and healthy teeth and bones.