FURminator® deShedding Tool Reviews

“Yesterday, I purchased the small FURminator. Have tried it on my two Jack Russells. WOW! Great grooming tool! It is truly amazing as to how this actually works. And the dogs really appear to appreciate and like the grooming session. Best $30.00 I have ever spent on grooming aids. I have had dogs, both large and small, for 45 years now. Sure wish the FURminator was available 45 years ago. I shall recommend it to all my pet loving friends and family. Thank you for creating such a great product.” - Amy

“Ok, I gotta tell yah... this thing is the world's greatest invention since sliced bread. I've got two chocolate labs that shed like there's no tomorrow. If they had their way, they'd redecorate the neighborhood in post-modern short-haired lab fur. That being said, this brush has virtually changed who they are from the outside in. Not only are they incredibly beautiful on the outside, but they are showing me more affection and love than ever before for what I suspect is - having rid them of all the unnecessary dog hair that has been caught in their coats for (gulp) possibly years. Thanks so much... they're just the most beautiful dogs in the city thanks to you guys!”

- Andrew

“As many of you know, I am allergic to my dog Brownie! It has been an ongoing struggle because I love dogs and petting them and loving on them. Getting rid of him was never an option because our family, including Caitlin, are extremely attached! I have been taking two Zyrtec per day since I realized that it was him that I am allergic to, but it hasn't been working as well lately! I ordered a FURminator, and David has been using it on him! I AM HAPPY TO SAY THAT I CAN LOVE ON HIM AS MUCH AS I WANT! This makes me extremely happy because he is a lovable dog and is a GREAT addition to our family! There is nothing worse than having a dog and not being able to love on him as much as you want!" 


“To whom it may concern: I've never taken the opportunity to write a company about their product, until now. I recently bought, not ONE but TWO FURminator's. One for myself (well..not myself, but my two wonderful cats! :-) ) and then I bought the second one for my daughter's cat and dog. Your product is nothing short of phenomenal!!! I can't say enough about how happy we are with our purchase. Yes, they were a touch pricey at $54.00 Canadian, but worth every single penny. The FURminator removes hair while my cats sit..or lay down, purring. That's not what would happen with a conventional brushing. Because the tool removes the thick undercoat, my cats are left with fewer and fewer knots and hairballs. I couldn't be happier. Thank you very much for this product. We're very, very happy.”

- Janice 

“I have owned this product and in fact the entire FURminator line for less than one week. I have a Farm Collie who kept shedding and would fill up my Dyson Pet Vacuum multiple times before the carpet/furniture could be called remotely "clean". Several of my suits for work would become unwearable even in the closet where I would have thought them safe! After using the FURminator tool just once, while expecting results similar to the husky you have pictured on your web site, I was suprised to find that the hair actually removed far exceded even that and she is a smaller dog by roughly 15 pounds, perhaps more after a good brushing! Good Work!”

- Jay

“I made the mistake of purchasing a FURminator® tool from an unauthorized seller. I have a feeling that the counterfeit manufacturer has sold plenty of these imitation items to folks like me that listed them on eBay. In the meantime, I have had the opportunity to purchase one of the small FURminator deShedding Tools for my family dog, and to compare the real product to what I had purchased from China...there just was no comparison! Their imitation product is made to look similar, but absolutely does not function."

- Jodi

“Hi, I have never been so impressed with a product to contact the company to tell them so. Being in a work industry that people are fast to tell you when you aren't doing well, I feel the need to tell people when they are. First, let me say I own almost every grooming tool ever made and nothing compares to the FURminator. Oh my goodness where do I start... I have two Siberian Huskies and a Black Lab. Two totally different types of coats, every time I brush the lab it feels like I am not even getting any fur. In one effortless swipe of the FURminator down his back, holy cow that is a lot of fur. And I kept going and kept getting more and more. You see results fast, not only with the amount of fur you get out, but on the coat itself. On the other hand, my huskies shed like crazy I could brush them for hours and feel like you are getting no where. With the FURminator, you get fast results and the amounts of fur that come up is just amazing. I have been brushing my dogs 3-4 times a week since I have had it at the beginning of March and what a difference in the amount of fur that I am picking up in the house throughout the week. Now when the brush comes out, they all want to be brushed at the same time... So not only do I absolutely love it, the dogs do too... I have purchased the small one for their head, legs and stomach area where it is more sensitive. That is how much I love this product. I also purchased the shampoo, and if I am just as impressed with that I will definitely let you know what I think. All in all AMAZING JOB. Again people are so fast to let us know what we do wrong they never take the time to say thank you. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I finally have the only grooming tool I will ever need.”

- Katie

“Dear FURminator, Ok I have to give you a standing ovation. I have a 10 month old Great Dane and he has been shedding pretty bad. I decided yesterday that I would run and pick up shampoo and a FURminator. Let me tell you, I had every intention on it NOT working and returning it. I even asked what the return policy on the FURminator shampoo and the actual FURminator were. I was told that they had NEVER had one returned and that they knew I would not be back. I doubted this HIGHLY. I got home and immediately started to use the comb even before I shampooed since I knew it wasn't going to work. I was amazed at how much hair came out with one stroke of the comb. I then decided I would get him wet and start the process of shampooing since again I knew I was going to have to return the shampoo since it wouldn't work like it said. So we started the shampoo and immediately I realized that the smell was amazing and I am a Cosmetologist so I know shampoo. After shampooing, we towel dried Buck and started the drying process. We noticed right away at how much fur was loosened by the shampoo. I was as doubtful as anyone, if not more. After drying, we started to comb with the FURminator, and I wish I had taken a picture of what came out of his coat. Our dane doesn't like being combed and he sat there and let us do it for an hour. Can I just say he looks like a model dog now. The most beautiful coat along with shine and luster like you can only imagine. I thought I would have to continue to comb through in order to get it all, but you know I got to the point where nothing would come out and I knew we had gotten it all out. He feels so much better and you have given my dog a beautiful makeover. TAH DAH!!! You have found and shared the most amazing product with us and we thank you from the bottom of our heart. Keep up the GREAT work, and if you ever need someone to tell their story just ask.”

- Ken & Buck

“Hi, I purchased The FURminator after my neighbor recommended it to me. I own two Greyhounds, which are not famous for their shedding problems, but at the beginning of spring and towards the end of summer their thin hair just seems to fly off at a single touch. I have been using your product for about a month, and I am shocked by the improvement in the shedding and their coats! Not only are they shedding less, but their coats are so shiny and sleek looking! They also love the grooming sessions!”

- Linda, Estes & Bella

“Hello, I have never written to a company to compliment them on their product until now. The FURminator is the greatest. I have a Border Terrier and it is wonderful for taking out the undercoat without cutting the topcoat. I have recommended it to all my dog friends. It works so well I have ordered one for my mother's cats. It is well worth the investment. For once a product that really lives up to its billing.”

- Suzanne

“Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! I have tried a fine tooth comb, every cat hairball treat and food available and yet my cat vomits constantly. (She used to have two other cats to help her and they would vomit her hairballs. They have since passed and she is left with doing it herself.) The comb was not getting any more hair, yet the hairballs continued! So it was find a solution or shave her! Well, now we have the solution! The FURrminator has kept me from shaving my gorgeous long haired cat! Thank you so very very much!!"

- Jennifer

“I recently purchased your large deShedding tool for my 150 lb Rottweiler that sheds more fur than a sheep. This is absolutely the best product I have ever used and for once, something that actually works BETTER than advertised. I have tried all of the other brushes, combs and even tried horse brushes, but all of them only worked fair at best. Yes, it is a little costly, but the way it works, I would pay double for it. All I can say is, "Well Done", and I plan on trying some of your other products too, might as well stay with a winner, right?”

- Ron