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Dog Adoption/Rescue Posters

You may remember Abbie. Or Honey. Or Edgar. This time last year, they were looking for their forever homes, and we wanted to help. Here at FURminator, we are inspired by everyone who improves the lives of pets, and decided to do more.

We partnered with Pet Rescue Network, a fantastic organization that helps pets in St. Louis. PRN is an all-volunteer foster network that places neglected pets in loving forever homes. The pets we met at PRN had so much to offer a human family and so much personality that it was easy to create a series of adoption posters to show off each unique, loving pet!

Here are a few of the posters we designed, posters that helped with adoptions and raising awareness in St. Louis and across the US!

 Cecilia Furminator Poster 

  Edgar Furminator Poster   


Wally Furminator Poster 

This year, we sat down knowing we wanted to do something again to support Pet Rescue Network’s mission to positively impact the lives of animals in need in St. Louis and surrounding rural communities. We came up with the Beautiful Rescues campaign.

Through Beautiful Rescues, FURminator is building upon our efforts last year. We updated our FURminator shampoo to showcase the dogs at PRN and spread awareness of the work that the folks at PRN do. We want to show our support for the work of shelters across the country, and their employees, foster parents, and volunteers that make them possible. What better way to do so than sharing their stories on store shelves everywhere?

In addition to showcasing PRN’s dogs and finding them forever homes, we want to help them right now, so we are donating 10 cases of shampoo to the pets at PRN. It is one small step toward helping pets looking for a home and showing gratitude to all those working to do so.

To see even more adoption posters and videos of these beautiful rescues, visit our Pinterest page.

Want to join the cause and help find forever homes for pets in need? Adopting a pet isn’t the only way! Do your part by spreading the word and sharing our posters with your friends and family. Give to the Pet Rescue Network, or volunteer at a nearby shelter. If we all do our part to help pets in need, we are much closer to improving their lives, and we allow them to change our lives, too.

Cecilia Beautiful Rescue Furminator Poster


Edgar Beautiful Rescue Furminator Poster  


Wally Beautiful Rescue Furminator Poster