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Hip, Hip, Hooray for National Pet Week!

In 2013, National Pet Week is celebrated May 5 – 11. Acknowledged throughout the US and other parts of the world, National Pet Week celebrates our pet pals, as well as promotes responsible pet ownership.

One important, but easily overlooked, responsibility for pet owners is pet grooming. While some pet parents schedule frequent visits to pet groomers and stylists, others may wish to simply use more convenient DIY grooming tools. This is where FURminator® comes in! With an easy 2-Step Grooming Process, FURminator offers a variety of easy-to-use grooming tools for dogs, cats and other small animals.

The 2-Step Grooming Process is a simple, cost-effective solution that includes pre- and post-bath brushing and detangle, followed by combing the pet’s coat to gently and safely smooth and extract remaining debris after brushing.

Show your appreciation for your pet. Celebrate National Pet Week with your furry friend and remember the importance of pet grooming.

May is Also Family Wellness Month

A pet is very much a part of our family. During the month of May, take pride in Family Wellness Month by encouraging a healthy lifestyle for your human family members as well as your four-legged furry members.

As humans, we are capable of making healthy decisions for ourselves including diet and exercise; however, when it comes to pets, as a pet parent, it’s important to promote healthy habits to our furry friends – especially when it comes to hygiene!

For all of your pet cleaning and hygiene needs, look no further than FURminator®. To help ensure a healthy and happy pet, FURminator offers a high-performance line of hair care, hygiene and waterless products – to reduce and control shedding.

Family Wellness Month may only be recognized during the month of May, but practicing and promoting a healthy lifestyle is 365 days of the year!