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Celebrate National Puppy Day on March 23

Puppy parents unite! On March 23, celebrate National Puppy Day in style with FURminator’s My FURst® Grooming kit.

Every puppy should have their very own My FURst Groomer kit, which is designed to provide a soothing, massaging experience, while keeping coats healthy and clean. The kit includes an easy-to-use 3-piece interchangeable slicker brush and comb set, safe and gentle for all puppy breeds.

You can also keep that loveable little creature smelling and looking good with the help of My FURst Ultra Premium Puppy Shampoo or My FURst Waterless Puppy Shampoo.

The importance of grooming goes beyond a healthy coat appearance, as it plays a key factor in a dog’s overall physical health, too. Training your pet at an early age will help ensure an easier grooming process for years to come. Puppy grooming can begin as young as three weeks old!

Happy National Puppy Day and Happy Grooming!

What if Pets had Opposable Thumbs?

While this may not be a question many pet owners ask themselves, it would be interesting to see our pets’ new activities and adventures. On Sunday, March 3, you might want to take some time to consider the consequences because it is “What if Pets had Opposable Thumbs Day.”

Would it make your life easier or more complicated if pets had opposable thumbs? The questions are endless, but one thing is for certain – whether or not our furry friends have opposable thumbs, they do have paws with nails that require care.

With FURminator’s Nail Clippers and Nail Grinder, pet parents can help eliminate their fur babies’ sore paws, legs and hips, with the easy DIY tools.   

The Nail Clippers feature an adjustable guide to make nail trimming efficient and painless, a sharp stainless steel cutting edge which ensures a clean, even cut, without crushing the nail and a non-slip, ergonomic handle for complete control.

FURminator’s Nail Grinder is a two-speed cordless device, with an automatic LED light to ensure safety and control that is ideal for all dog and cat breeds.

Regular nail trimming is recommended every 3-4 weeks to promote optimal pet comfort and health. Remember, healthy nails, means happy pets!

Remember furry-friends need love too

With Valentine’s Day approaching, not to mention Love Your Pet Day on February 20, give the gift of love with one, or several, of our FURminator® grooming tools.

Have a dog? Try FURmintor’s line of grooming solutions for dogs. From brushes, to combs, to nail products, we have you covered.

Have a cat? Pamper your pet with our line of nail care products. Because nails require clipping and grinding, many pet parents are afraid of injuring their pets, but ignoring nail care is just as harmful. Put yourself and your pet at ease with our nail clippers and nail grinder tools. Nail care made easy!

Are you a new pet parent? Take comfort with our puppy and kitten, My FURst® Groomer tools. It’s never too early to treat your pet pal!

Be sure to follow FURminator’s 2-Step Grooming Process to get the most out of your grooming tools!

Did you know? - Cat Grooming and Shedding

February is Responsible Pet Owners Month. While owning a pet can be rewarding, it can also be challenging, as there are many responsibilities to having a furry friend.

Feeding, vet check-ups and exercise are obvious responsibilities, but don’t forget the importance of pet grooming! No matter the time of year, it is essential to groom your pet regularly. With the help of FURminator® deShedding Tools and grooming tools, your pet will look good and be healthier.

Tell your family and friends about FURminator products and help them to be better pet parents, too!