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Welcoming Home a New Kitten or Puppy

If a new puppy or kitty will be roaming around your home or your friend’s home this holiday season, help get them off on the right paw for healthy grooming with some terrific FURminator® products specially designed for them.

Pick up a My FURst® Groomer 3-piece grooming set (MSRP $34.99) that includes interchangeable slicker brush and comb attachments with an ergonomic handle. The slicker brush has specially designed bristles that are soft to the touch with pattern angled tips; and the curved comb has a slight contour shape and spacious teeth for gentle combing. The new handle also features a push button to easily interchange the grooming attachments and an innovative textured grip that won’t slip.

FURminator also offers three other hair care products (MSRP $8.99) for puppies and kittens. My FURst Ultra Premium Puppy Shampoo’s blend of natural ingredients is safe and gentle to use on puppies’ delicate skin. To quickly clean and freshen these young animals between baths, there are My FURst Waterless Puppy Shampoo and My FURst Waterless Kitten Shampoo, gently formulated to reduce odors and clean the coat frequently between baths. All formulas are made in the United States and free of parabens and chemical dyes.

The My FURst Groomer line is perfect for starting puppies and kittens on a lifelong grooming routine that is safe and effective.

Looking for the Purr-fect Holiday Gift?

Can there be a better holiday gift for a pet parent or furry friend than something that is economical, healthy and improves the appearance of our pets and our homes? We have the purr-fect gifts if you want to score major points with pet parents on your shopping list.

There is, of course, a variety of our wonderful deShedding tools for dogs, cats and small animals (MSRP $34.99 to $72.99).

And if they already have a deShedding tool, FURminator® now has a Vacuum Accessory (MSRP $19.99) that fits on to a tool for a faster and cleaner pet grooming session. Once the FURminator tool is securely strapped to the Vacuum Accessory and vacuum, the FURminator deShedding tool can be used to remove loose undercoat hair with short firm strokes. After the edge has accumulated some loose fur, a simple press of the FURejector® button will release the hair, which will then disappear into your vacuum.

Or if you are looking for the perfect stocking stuffer, check out FURminator’s new dog grooming products that include nail clippers, nail grinders, slicker brushes, rakes, combs, dual brushes and curry brushes (MSRP $14.99-39.99).

There will be lots of tails happily wagging with these holiday remembrances!