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Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month

FURminator® wishes to salute the many dedicated employees and volunteers at shelters who help to place homeless canines in loving homes and bring joy to so many people.

Some may believe that dogs are in shelters because they behave badly or are sick. However, most pets that end up in shelters are there due to human problems such as landlord issues or lack of time or finances. Animal shelters are actually full of many happy, healthy pets that have been vaccinated, spayed or neutered and evaluated for behavior to ensure that they’ll fit in with families.

If you are thinking about getting a dog, check out a shelter in your area. By adopting a shelter dog, not only are you giving them a second chance, but you will also have a lifelong companion that will bring many years of love and devotion to your family.

There are dogs of every size, shape and personality who are wagging their tails right now in hopes that you’ll select them to be part of your life!

Rabbit, Ferret, Guinea Pig & Other Small Animal deShedding Tools

The FURminator® deShedding Tool for Small Animals

According to the 2011-2012 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, there are 16 million small animal pets in the U.S. We have good news for the owners of these small animals: FURminator has the perfect tool to help them enhance the health and safety of their pets.

The FURminator deShedding Tool for Small Animals is specifically designed to effectively remove up to 90 percent of the loose hair from rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and other small mammals.

Small animals can shed a lot and a FURminator deShedding Tool can help to keep a house much cleaner and healthier. In addition to improving the appearance of the pet, the tool also improves the health of the small animal by eliminating hairballs. Although rabbits and ferrets are self-groomers, unlike cats, these animals cannot expel a hairball. Ingested hair can become a real problem for many small animals causing intestinal obstructions, loss of appetite and illness.

The tool features a shorter, ergonomic handle and smaller edge than our other deShedding products for added versatility when grooming smaller pets. As with our other deShedding tools, however, it does feature a FURejector® button that cleans and removes the loose hair from the deShedding tool with a simple push of a button.