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Did you know? - Cat Grooming and Shedding

Did You Know? Grooming for Cats

Grooming is an essential part of keeping your cat healthy. To help you better understand the unique grooming needs of your feline, FURminator® has put together the following list of fun facts. Read on to learn more.

  • A cat spends 30% of his life grooming.
  • In cats, there is no single period of hair shedding. Neighboring follicles are in different phases of the hair cycle at any one time. Domestic cats tend to shed continuously throughout the year, with peaks of activity occurring during spring and fall.
  • Up to two-thirds of cats’ shed hair can be ingested as they self-groom. Hair can’t be digested, and when it accumulates in the stomach, hairballs can form.
  • Hairballs aren’t just a messy inconvenience, but a sign of discomfort and potential serious problems. They can lead to a number of issues, including regurgitation and vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, intestinal obstructions and loss of appetite.
  • Long-haired cats and short-haired cats living together are more prone to suffer hairball formation due to social grooming.
  • The most important and most effective way to prevent hairball formation is frequent grooming to remove the dead undercoat before it is swallowed. Brushes tend to slide over the surface of the coat and remove all the loose hair.
  • Regular grooming with a deShedding tool, such as the FURminator® deShedding Tool, decreases the amount of hair your cat ingests, thus decreasing the likelihood of hairball formation.
  • Long-haired cats and older cats tend to have more issues with hairballs.
  • As cats age, they have a harder time grooming themselves effectively.
  • Shedding is a natural process. You can’t eliminate shedding, but you can reduce it by up to 90%.
  • Regular bathing and deShedding can also help control the dispersal of allergens into the atmosphere. According to the Humane Society of the United States, simply bathing your pet and removing loose hair and dander can reduce the level of allergens by as much as 85%.

Dr. Becker Book Tour: Secrets on Caring for a Cat

FURminator® Announces Sponsorship of Book Tour for Dr. Marty Becker, “America’s Veterinarian”

FURminator is proud to announce their sponsorship of a summer book tour for Dr. Marty Becker, “America’s Veterinarian,” whose newest release is titled Your Cat: The Owner's Manual: Hundreds of Secrets, Surprises, and Solutions for Raising a Happy, Healthy Cat.

For 16 years, Dr. Becker has been a popular veterinary contributor to ABC-TV’s Good Morning America. Other accomplishments including being a founding member of The Dr. Oz Show’s Core Team Oz and a member of the Dr. Oz Medical Advisory Panel, as well as serving as a veterinary contributor and spokesperson for, the top website for veterinarian-reviewed pet care information.

In his latest book, Dr. Becker will help owners solve problems and enhance their bonds with their pets through his time-tested and often surprising insider secrets for raising a happy and well-behaved cat.

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Cat Grooming and Cleaning Products

FURminator® Offers Hairball Prevention Products for Cats

FURminator offers cat owners groundbreaking solutions for hairball prevention including deShedding tools for long and short-hair breeds, ultra-premium shampoos and hair care options for cats.

Designed with feline companions in mind, the cat deShedding products were created to help prevent hairballs and enhance the grooming experience for cat owners and their pets.

“By truly understanding the ‘Science of Fur,’ we have designed a number of FURminator products that reduce shedding and prevent hairballs while at the same time taking into consideration the safety, health and well-being of cats,” said FURminator Marketing Director Cathy Heimberger. “FURminator gives cat parents solutions to solve a significant problem: hairballs.”

Cat owners can select the best hairball prevention solution for their cat’s specific size and hair length. The FURminator line enables cat owners to easily find the right product for their pet with options such as small and large breed deShedding tool sizes. In addition, each size tool offers both long and short hair varieties for optimal results.

To complement the FURminator deShedding Tools, cat owners can also take advantage of Hairball Prevention Shampoo for Cats and Hairball Prevention Waterless Spray for Cats. Both the shampoo and waterless spray feature a unique blend of natural ingredients specially formulated to eliminate odor, help prevent hairballs, and protect against excessive shedding for a healthy, shiny coat.

FURminator waterless formulas give pet owners even more convenience. Simply spray on and towel dry for a quick and easy way to clean between baths. All FURminator shampoos and hair care products are free of parabens and chemical dyes, and are made in the U.S.A.

“We believe cat owners—and their more than 90 million feline companions—will be very excited to discover the benefits of the deShedding process,” said Heimberger. “FURminator gives cat owners optimum effectiveness and the most efficient method of preventing hairball development. The entire line of FURminator cat products helps cats avoid discomfort due to hairballs and prevents potentially life-threatening digestive problems.”