The Pros and Cons of First Dates at the Dog Park

As dog lovers, we know that when it comes to relationships, if you're not good with the dog, we're not good with each other. And we know that when it comes to first dates, anything you can do to eliminate awkwardness is good. For dog lovers trying to decide where to meet or go on a first date, the dog park is a pretty popular choice. But is it a good choice? To help you decide, here's our list of pros and cons about the dog parks as a first date location

1 The People

Pro: You know he shares your love for dogs
Con: He might have borrowed a dog 15 minutes before the date

Pro: Dogs are an amazing common interest
Con: Dogs might turn out to be your only shared interest

Pro: Dog owners are pretty social, so it's a great way to see if he's a friendly guy
Con: He see each dog as an opportunity to hit on its owner

2 The Place

Pro: It's easy to plant your friends in the park as backup/moral support
Con: If your friends don't own dogs, you're on your own

Pro: You're out in nature!
Con: No bathrooms

Pro: Because a dog park is a casual place, you'll feel more relaxed
Con: It's hard to have a heart-to-heart with someone who just saw you pick dog poop off the ground

Pro: If you get stood up, you're still at a dog park with your dog, and that's great
Con: If you get stood up, you'll be someone who got stood up at a dog park

3 The Things

Pro: Fewer etiquette issues (e.g. no doors, no checks) to stress out about
Con: If your dogs do something impolite, well... akward