3 Steps Toward Better Pet Photos

Love your dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, or even horse and want to show the world? Do you find that your photos don't do justice to your pet's true personality? Here are a few tips from a professional photographer that we hope you'll find helpful!

1 Get on Your Pet's Level

Have you ever tried to remember what it's like to be a child? Here's the secret; to remember what it's like to be a child, you have to see the world like a child, and that means seeing the world from around 24" to 48" off the ground! It's the same with pets.

Literally getting on your pet's level will mean that your photographs communicate what the world is like from the perspective of your pet, not you. This might involve a lot of bending and contorting (warning: your muscles will probably be sore the next day), but the difference in the photos will surprise you!

2 Set Yourself Up for Surprise

One way to increase your chances of capturing that unexpected moment, that just-right look or that flash of personality you love so much, is to eliminate predictability. A photographer's instinct is often to dictate the environment as much as possible, but for the sake of the perfect pet photo, be willing to relinquish some of that control.

If your pet isn't doing what you want, be willing to follow him around, or try to figure out what she wants to do and go from there. If you're photographing a dog, one easy way to set yourself up for surprise is to go to a new public place where neither of you knows what to expect! This requires patience, but you're more likely to capture that moment where your pet's true personality shines.

3 It's All About the Eyes

Focus on the eyes. In dog photography, especially, it's all about the eyes. This means literally focusing on the eyes, changing angles and depth of field using the eyes as the focal point. Whether you're taking portraits or wide-scale action shots, as you focus more on the eyes, you'll see more depth and beauty and personality shine through your photos.