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The FURminator® deShedding Tool is a unique invention that dramatically reduces shedding in pets. The tools are protected by several patents, as well as patents pending both in the U.S. and internationally.

The concept behind FURminator deShedding products is the more hair you remove from your pet, the less hair you need to remove from your couch, clothes, floors, car and home. Typical pet grooming products do not address the underlying problem, your pet's undercoat. The patented FURminator deShedding Tools were developed to remove the undercoat and loose hair quickly and easily without cutting or damaging the topcoat or a pet's delicate skin.

If you are interested in the safest, most effective way to reduce shedding in your cat, dog or small animal, be sure to purchase a genuine FURminator product from our online store or one of our authorized dealers.

However, because of our success, there have been a number of companies producing non-genuine products that have infringed on our patents.

FURminator Patents:

  • 6,782,846
  • 7,077,076
  • 7,222,588
  • 7,334,540
  • 7,509,926
  • US Design Patent No. D626,295 (Small) Pet Grooming Tool 
  • US Design Patent No. D626,296 (Medium) Pet Grooming Tool
  • US Design Patent No. D626,297 (Large) Pet Grooming Tool
  • 7,581,514 

Judgment and Settlement Agreements:

  • Munchkin/Bamboo Judgment
  • Munchkin/Bamboo Settlement Agreement
  • Ontel Court Order
  • Central Garden Settlement Agreement
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