August 28, 2014

The Most Beautiful Coats on Pinterest

As the colder weather of fall approaches, we like to keep an eye out for beautiful coats – coats with stylish textures, beautiful colors, and unique patterns.

At FURminator, we believe that the best, most beautiful coats aren’t in stores or on runways. Rather, they’re the coats that are already in our homes; they’re the one-of-a-kind fashions worn by our four-legged family members.

To celebrate the most fashionable members of our fur families, we created a new Pinterest board dedicated to “The Best Coats on Pinterest,” showcasing some of the most attractive coats we could find, inspired not by trendy designers but by the pets who wear them proudly. It’s a celebration of fur and of the coats belonging to all our favorite pets.

Check out a few of our favorite coat samples here, and visit our Pinterest page to see more from this series!




We love seeing all these different coats at their best: cleaned, brushed, and belonging to happy, healthy pets.

FURminator is devoted to helping pets and their coats look and feel their very best with our Pet Hair Solutions. So, if these fabulous coats inspire you to showcase your own pet’s fashionable fur, let FURminator help. With our grooming and deShedding solutions, you can keep your entire family’s coats looking great.