May 30, 2014

A Commitment to Rescue

We worked with a pet rescue organization in St. Louis, where the FURminator brand was founded, to help dogs and cats find their forever homes. We’ve always loved pets of all types no matter where they come from, but in the process of working with these pets, we were deeply impressed and moved by the dedication of the generous people who care for them.

Since then, we’ve worked alongside even more shelters, and we’ve committed, as an organization, to show our support for the work of shelters by featuring rescue pets on our new packaging and donating FURminator Pet Hair Solutions to those shelters.

So far, we’ve had a wonderful time working with several more rescue groups in the St. Louis area. You’ll be seeing their pets on new packaging in the coming months, but we couldn’t wait to show you their adorable faces, so here’s a sneak peek at some of the wonderful dogs and cats we’ve photographed so far:

This is Bennett, from Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest. Bennett was a breeder dog surrendered to a local Humane Society and entrusted to ASRM for rehabilitation and placement in the perfect forever home.


Blossom is a beautiful beagle from Open Door Animal Sanctuary, a no-kill shelter dedicated to preserving the life and health of homeless cats and dogs, providing shelter, food and veterinary care while fostering their social skills and encouraging their adoption into loving homes.


Casper is a charming Brittany spaniel who was being cared for by the National Brittany Rescue & Adoption Network. Soon after we photographed Casper, he found his forever home!


Elmer is a golden/shepherd mix with Gateway Pet Guardians, and that smile melted us immediately (we weren’t the only ones, either, as he found his forever home shortly thereafter!)


This is Radcliffe, an adorable pup with 4 Paws 4 Rescue, an all-foster rescue dedicated to saving animals from high kill shelters, as strays, abandoned animals, or as owner surrenders.


We loved working with the Westie Rescue of Missouri, a volunteer organization providing westies with a warm, safe, and healthy environment where they can develop to their full potential while we search for their new forever home.


We also had the privilege of working with Tenth Life Cat Rescue, whose mission is to provide another chance at life to injured and abused stray cats, prioritizing felines with extreme medical needs or ongoing health conditions that make it difficult for typical shelters and rescues to afford their care. We loved photographing and keeping up with Bella and Claude the kitty!


One of the best parts of the photo shoots is that some of these dogs and cat brought their friends!


We can’t wait to see the shelves full of these happy faces on our updated and new packaging, and we can’t wait to partner with more of the inspiring, dedicated men and women across the country who put their time, energy, and hearts into the wonderful work of caring for animals.