FURminator:  The Battle Against Counterfeits

There are many counterfeit FURminator products found on the internet and auction sites such as eBay and Craigslist,.  These products are often cheap imitations or knock offs of our patented technology.  Their cheapened version of our patented edge can break easily and may cause harm to your pet. 


What does A Counterfeit FURminator Look Like?

If you find a deal that is too good to be true, then it probably is and the product is likely counterfeit.  Counterfeiters offer new and old models at deeply discounted prices, causing the consumer to believe they are receiving a great deal on a great product.  Consumers in turn receive a cheap imitation that can be dangerous to their pet … or at times they receive nothing at all.

If you have shopped for FURminator online, then chances are you have already been exposed to counterfeit product.  Many of these sites will advertise for ‘Discount FURminator’, or ‘Cheap FURminator’ or use our name as part of their site name (  They will copy our photographs and text and give the appearance they are associated with FURminator.  These are all illegal sites that are intentionally trying to deceive you.  In addition, auction and forum sites such as eBay and Craigslist are popular places for criminals. 

It is very difficult to distinguish a counterfeit from a genuine FURminator product because the package differences appear to be slight.   We have put security features in place for identification by our Brand Protection Team as well as law enforcement, but it takes a trained eye.


What Is FURminator Doing To Combat Counterfeiting?

FURminator takes counterfeiting very seriously and makes it a top priority in order to protect our customers from becoming victims of fraud.  Our Brand Protection Team continuously monitors the internet and auction sites, and we ‘take down’ thousands and thousands of listings every month.  We work with law enforcement officials and Federal Customs agents to identify importers.  Additionally, we take legal action to stop illegal product sales, seize counterfeit inventories, and divulge information regarding sales and supply.  We do this globally as counterfeiting is a problem in all markets.  But not surprisingly, the source of the counterfeit product is always China.  Often times the online seller is a willing criminal that maybe physically located anywhere in the world.


Help FURminator Battle Counterfeits

The only way you can ensure the authenticity of your FURminator product is to purchase from or an authorized FURminator retailer or reseller. If you come across a suspicious website or retail store, send us an email.    Know that counterfeiting is not a victimless crime, and purchasing these products supports criminal organizations which have no regard for you or your pet’s safety and comfort.

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