Grooming Cat Lovers Into Hairball Experts

Hairballs are a serious issue — they cause stress and discomfort for your cat, and can be a sign of potential health problems.

This Friday, April 25, is National Hairball Awareness Day. It’s a day to remember that, although they can be dangerous, hairballs are also manageable and preventable when the right steps are taken. If we make a conscious effort every day, we can ensure that hairballs are as stress-free as possible for the cats in our lives.

The purpose of Hairball Awareness Day is to raise awareness and inspire prevention. As is tradition, FURminator is partnering with cat-loving bloggers around the country to educate and remind America of the severity of hairballs.

Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber explains, “Hairballs are formed from fur ingested by the cat during the course of grooming, and are usually expelled through vomiting. Excessive vomiting caused by hairballs can lead to esophagitis. Hairballs that are not expelled can lead to intestinal obstruction, which could require surgery. I have performed surgeries on cats for blockage and found nothing more than a huge hairball. If undiagnosed, this condition can lead to intestinal perforation.

“One of the major elements of hairball prevention is thorough grooming, which removes excess hair and helps keep the skin and coat healthy. Nothing removes excess hair better than the FURminator,” says Dr. Werber.

As serious as cat hairballs are, we can’t help but lighten the mood while discussing how we can help our cats prevent and deal with hairballs. We are sponsoring blogger contests, encouraging readers to write the funniest, most clever or cutest captions for photos of our furry friends. The winning captions, as decided by the bloggers and FURminator representatives, receive grooming kits, complete with everything to support a cat’s healthy grooming — from FURminator best-sellers, like the deShedding tool, to new products like the Shed Control Cloths.

Our participating bloggers are collecting captions for these snapshots:





If you have a great caption for one of these photos, please head over to one of the blogs that are supporting us this Hairball Awareness Day, and submit your idea. To find a blog where you can participate in our caption contests, please visit our Facebook page.

Cats, hairballs and shedding problems are all connected — using a FURminator deShedding tool just 10 minutes twice per week gently removes 90 percent of the loose hair and undercoat without damaging or cutting the topcoat. It’s a safe, effective and non-invasive way to prevent hairballs from forming before they cause serious problems.

FURminator deShedding Tools are used and recommended by professional groomers and veterinarians so that nasty and dangerous hairballs don’t have to be a part of a cat’s lifetime routine. On Friday, April 25 — and every day — do your part to get the word out about hairball prevention for happier, healthier cats.