FURminator® Takes “Hacktion” to Promote National Hairball Awareness Day

As we worked on the final edits of our video for National Hairball Awareness Day 2013, we had a HUGE decision to make. Our goal in making that video (and participating in Moustache Cats and even offering a NHAD ringtone!) was to raise awareness about the problem of hairballs, but awareness without action is like, well, having a deShedding tool but never using it!

We knew what actions we wanted cat owners to take: (1) spread the word and raise even more awareness and (2) prevent hairballs before they start. So the nature of the action wasn’t the big decision; the big decision was the spelling of the action.

Two of us sat staring at the words on the screen: “action” and “hacktion.” “Can we really ask people to “take hacktion?” we asked. We were concerned that people might think we were being too lighthearted about hairballs, which are a very serious issue that cause incredible stress and discomfort to cats.

But then we thought about Moustache Cats. And we thought about all the good-natured people in the video willing to embarrass themselves in front of thousands because they love cats. We remembered that we have the privilege every day of working alongside wonderful, loving pet parents and pet bloggers and pet product retailers who would do anything to improve the lives of pets. We remembered that every hairball prevented makes us smile, and we remembered that we got into this business because what we do makes us happy. So we went for it; we left “hacktion” in the video, because if we’re not enjoying ourselves as we do what we love, then we’re not doing things the right way.

And even though National Hairball Awareness Day has passed, every day is a good day to prevent hairballs with FURminator® deShedding Tools for cats! So watch the video (below) if you haven’t already. Check out Moustache Cats on our Facebook page if you haven’t seen those wonderful photos. And if you haven’t yet taken hacktion, make the decision to start today!