FURminator Hygiene Solutions: Pet Shampoo and Cleaning Sprays

As industry innovators and experts on pet hair, FURminator® understands the entire shedding cycle and the role that hair care and hygiene play in helping to reduce and control shedding. For that reason, a high-performance line of hair care, hygiene and waterless products were created.

  • Ultra Premium shampoo and conditioner formulas can eliminate odors, provide relief for pets with itchy skin, bring out the natural shine in light and dull color coats, release tangles in long coats, moisturize the skin and coat with frequent bathing, protect the delicate skin of a puppy and prevent hairballs in cats.
  • Waterless sprays keep pets at their best between baths, reducing excess shedding, easing tangles for easy brushing and neutralizing odors.
  • An ear cleaner gently cleans the ears and reduces odors related to ear problems.

Uniquely formulated and offering superior performance in deShedding, conditioning and hygiene, each of these premium bathing solutions address shedding at the core and enhance the effectiveness of the deShedding tools. The proprietary formulations provide the performance and benefits you'd expect from the pet hair experts.

All FURminator shampoos, hair care and hygiene products are free of parabens and chemical dyes and are made in the USA.