FUR Dry Offers Summertime Towels for Effectively Drying Wet Dogs

Whether it is from grooming, rain or from swimming in the family swimming pool or lake, dogs attempt to dry themselves, and household furnishings can take a beating. The FUR Dry towel offers a solution to this dilemma by eliminating the dog’s need to rub furniture, thereby making it a must-have accessory during the active summer season.

The FUR Dry can be easily slipped over the dog’s head and tail, cinching around the dog to fit comfortably, while preventing water from dripping onto the pet’s feet. FUR Dry is made with special microfiber fabric that rapidly draws water away from a dog’s coat and into the material’s absorbent fibers. Because the towel’s fabric allows the dog’s fur to dry faster, the wet, sour dog smell is reduced, offering an additional benefit for the pet owner interested in keeping their home looking and smelling its best.

FUR Dry towels are available in two colors, blue or purple, and in five adjustable sizes, from extra-small to extra-large, for dogs of all breeds and ages.